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So, what exactly is an “alphet”: an analysis.


So, what exactly is an “alphet”: an analysis.

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so sweet


so sweet

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Female IRA soldiers 

Ireland 1970’s 

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Wande Coal - The Kick

OK, I probably say this about a lot of music, but this song is really important. 

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Brian Eno - Here He Comes

Before and After Science

Polydor 1977

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Chelsea Wolfe | Queen

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Who does Ab-Soul think he is having a 23 min track without any cool riffs?

one of my favourite Big Ghost reviews was when he talked about the rapper Game doing two hour freestyles and talking about how no one in their right mind would want to hear that shit like “ay we’re going to see this movie, are you in?”,  “nah i just have to peep this 2 hour Game freestyle real quick”

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The doggum mower ain’t workin.